Breast and Nipple Foreplay to Drive Her Wild

Don’t forget the boobies!

For eons, men have been obsessed with breasts and nipples. Often just the sight of heaving bosoms are enough to make a man cum. However despite the male’s obvious and undeniable enjoyment of the luscious female mounds, women are pretty fond of their boobs too. In fact, they are one of the major erogenous zones on a gal’s body. There is no denying that breast and nipple foreplay will drive a girl wild.



Most women like nothing better than a bit of breast massage and nipple tweaking. Then if you want to really send her over the edge, wait until she is close to a mind-blowing orgasm and start to play with her mounds to send her screaming in ecstasy.

You can even purchase fun sex toys and accessories that focus entirely on your lady’s boobs. Romantix’s Triple Bead Nipple Clamp Set are just the trick for applying the perfect amount of pressure to both nipples. If your lady likes a soft touch or a harder squeeze, the clamps will deliver the perfect nipple pinching pressure to send her squealing in pleasure. If you want to have even more fun, why not clamp them on your scrotum or even her labia for a bit of tongue tug and pinch play.

Romantix’s Cherry Pie Nipplious Niple Arousal Gel is a scrumptious taste treat that you can slather on and lick off. The gel will also get those extra sensitive nipples tingling. The gel is a tasty and fun addition to any sex session.

Ladies might also want to drive their man crazy with a bit of peak-a-boo play by applying Romantix Fetish Fantasy Series Pretty Petals to their nipples. The petals keep her nipples hard and perky so they are begging for a lover’s touch.

How about getting your motor purring before you embark on a hot sex session. The Doki Doki Breast Massager can be worn inside your bra to not only make your cleavage look amazing but to also gently massage those boobs into a sexual frenzy. There are even built-in nubs for added sensation and pleasure fun.

With just enough nipple and breast stimulation many women can even climax. So focus on those boobs and have some fun.

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