Do you prefer to be pretty in pink? Then check out these fetish items in your favorite color!

Pretty in pink: Fetish items in your favorite color

For all you ladies who like to be pretty in pink, don’t worry: fetish doesn’t always have to be dark, black and leather! Here are some of our favorite products in my personal favorite color.


1. Cylinder Gag

If you or your lover like to be kept quiet, try out this cylinder gag! This gag is one size fits all with adjustable, quality leather straps.

2. Fetish Fantasy Series: Pink Passion Bondage Kit

This all-in-one bondage kit is perfect for couples who want to try something new for their sex life-while also staying pretty in pink! This kit comes with wrist and ankle cuffs, four adjustable nylon tethers, a durable nylon ball gag, and a satin love mask.

3. Unicorn Tails: Pink

Want to get buck wild in the bedroom? Try out this silky-smooth silicone unicorn tail! It’s a tapered butt plug with a pink, flowing tail attached!

4. Fetish Fantasy Series: Pink Nipple Suckers

This pump is perfect works when it’s just you or with someone else. This pump works as a sort of gentle vacuum. All you have to do is place the suction cups on your nipples, squeeze the pump ball, and feel yourself swell! If it becomes too much, there is a quick-release pressure valve to relieve it.

5. Kinky Pinky Cuffs with Tethers

If you like to be tied up, try out these plush cuffs with straps!

6. Sinners Full Body Restraints

If you like to be a little more than just tied up, check out our Sinners full body restraints with cuffs for every part of the body! Included are four heavy-duty clips that bind the body in multiple ways.

7. Fetish Fantasy Series: Position Master-Purple

Remember all those positions you’ve thought about, but weren’t sure how to pull off? The straps on this position master are sturdy nylon to keep you steady even when your legs aren’t anymore! And don’t worry about a kink in your neck-the plus neck harness will guarantee comfort.

8. Sinful Soft Spreader Bar – Pink

If you prefer to be comfortable while you’re in a compromising position, then try out our soft spreader bar! Both velcro cuffs have a soft padding that is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

9. Leather Hand and Leg Cuffs

These sexy leather cuffs are adjustable and come with a D-ring connector to connect them all for even more dirty fun! These are guaranteed to be comfortable, yet incredibly secure.

Check out all these pretty in pink products and more at!

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