Female Masturbation: A Pointless Taboo

Female Masturbation: why it’s so hush-hush

Choke the chicken? Sorry, no chicken to choke here. How about beating the meat? Nope, none of that meat beating here I’m afraid. Well, then what on earth should we call female masturbation? Obviously women masturbate, but why is it that no one talks about it? After all everyone, regardless of sex, has a sex drive. Let’s face it, we all have needs and sometimes a little self loving is heavenly. So let’s talk female masturbation and why it’s so hush-hush.


It starts when we’re young. Remember when little girls and boys deny the fact that girls fart or poop because ew, gross? Women are ethereal, goddesses, creatures of mystery. Ladies aren’t to talk about their bodies because clearly, we are made of sparkles and rainbows. Sex itself is a taboo topic, it’s no ones business and you’re right about that. It is a topic that you and your partner can choose to discuss or not. However, if men can openly talk about how often they masturbate and feel confident about it, why can’t women? It has come from a long tradition of women being told from a young age what is appropriate and what is inappropriate.

We are goddesses, that is fact, but if females didn’t masturbate then amazing products like Mood Kinky and Arielle wouldn’t exist to help satisfy a woman’s needs. No longer does a woman have to walk into a shady sex shop in the middle of nowhere and feel embarrassed to pick up a device that will help them reach that climax. Here at Romantix, we celebrate your sexuality. Go ahead and browse through our proud display of sex toys.

Masturbation is good for mental and physical health. It relieves stress, builds self-esteem, makes us aware of our bodies, and a host of other things! We all do it, it’s time to start talking about. Be loud and proud because the louder women voice their needs, the wider the market will be for sex toys. The wider the market, the more products will be made to fit every one of those needs.

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