Let the Others Get Wasted, While You Get Lucky ST Patrick’s Day

Get Lucky ST Patrick’s Day

While a good portion of the population is out getting hammered, getting into bar fights, and getting pulled over by the police on St Patty’s Day … you and your special someone could be at home making trouble of your own.


Ladies, take charge and become the designated troublemaker, because it all begins with you. Set the mood with our pastel green Mia Wig. Styled in a 10”, fringe-cut bob. Sexy, playful, and it’s even compatible with your drawer full of heat styling appliances. Oh now wait a minute … we’re just getting heated up. Pair this little beauty with our barely there, low-rise neon green Micro Short. When he sees you in this hip hugging delight, things are gonna rise all right.

If you feel the night calls for a more romantic approach, then by all means, slip your sultry little self into our Perfectly Polished Corset Set, in green of course. Complete with removable garters and a matching thong, this satiny, emerald, eye-catcher, will have your man doing a jig, in anticipation of peeling this beautiful bustier from your silky skin.

Now that the stage is set, it’s time to get down to it! Alright fellas, this is where you come in! Are you ready? Slowly the zipper comes down and OH … What do we have here? Green Apple Gummy Undies, just for him! Well although he’s wearing them, they’re actually for her. See ladies! You weren’t forgotten. Now show your man just how deliciously irresistible he is when you eat these yummy, boldly flavorful undies from every contour. There’s nothing forbidden about this fruit. Do as you please, ladies!

Just when you think you knew all her tricks, out pops the BJ Blast! Ooooo … I wonder where she was hiding that. It’s an oral sex candy that’s a fizzy, bursting, green apple explosion! Talk about getting your rocks off! These babies sizzle and crackle giving you a dynamite rush that heightens the sensations and the ecstasy. But hold on fellas … surely you know that she’s not going to let you have all the fun. There’s plenty more! Anybody can slide down a rainbow into a pot o’ gold, but wouldn’t poppin-and-a-snappin your way into that golden honeypot be so much better? I’m sure she thinks so. Have at it!

So now … I hear you have a trick of your own up your sleeve. Aahhh … excellent choice!  Shane’s World Sorority Party Vibe in the All Night Long version, is perfect for a couple’s night-in. They call it a massager, but we know. 😉 With its powerful, multi-speed adjustment and silky seamless glide, this “green machine” aims to please. It’s up to you, how you want to use it and hey, if your Blarney Stones are spent, tag-team it in. I promise you … it won’t mind.

Well it certainly sounds like a wild St. Patty’s is coming your way and you won’t even need the luck of the Irish to make it happen. Romantix has everything that you need.

… and just think … all of your friends, nursing hangovers the next morning will be green with envy.

So don’t feel yucky. Get Lucky ST Patrick’s Day!

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