Surprising pleasure areas–and ways to explore them!

Surprising pleasure areas

When people talk about sex, there’s a lot of emphasis on the most obvious body parts. When it comes to sensuality, there’s oh-so-many-more pleasure spots that often get left out of the mix in the rush to that all-mighty standard orgasm. If you’re looking for a new way to add a little zing to your play-time, you might consider some of the following ideas. Not all of them are going to be your cup of tea, but maybe they’ll get you thinking about trying something new.


1: The earlobe. Okay, this is probably not super-surprising to anyone who’s had a prolonged necking session. However, it might be something you’ve neglected recently.  Try gently grabbing your partner’s lobe between your teeth and licking along the lower edge before letting it slide slowly out of your mouth.

2: The big toe. Definitely not for everyone, but give this one a try at least once. Pretend the big toe is a tiny erect penis and go to town. This is an every gender opportunity gig. If it doesn’t turn you both on, it might get you laughing. Having fun in the bedroom and keeping it light is pleasurable, too, right?

3: Inner Thighs. Have you ever taken the time to kiss and lick your partner’s inner thighs from their knees all the way up to the apex, skipped over whatever is in between, and worked your way back down?  Add in a little word play in between tiny nibbles along the sweet flesh, and you’re likely to score big-time.

4: Skin. Okay, this is sort of a cheat because skin is everywhere, but consider it as one large organ. Some people love being tickled by feathers. Others enjoy hot wax dripping, one delicate dribble at a time, between the cleft of the breasts or buttocks. Play around with various sensations to figure out which sends your partner into toe-curdling, back arching waves of pleasure.

5: Head. Give your partner a head massage. Wash or brush their hair. Sit with them, skin-to-skin, spooning-style, and pay attention to the shape of your lover’s head with your fingertips. Let your breath match theirs and relax into each other for a tantric-like experience.

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