Worried your sex life is going to get boring? Here are 5 ways to keep it interesting!

5 ways to keep sex with your partner interesting

Are you nervous that you and your partner’s sex life is going to go downhill? Well let’s be real: you are not alone. Keeping the sex interesting in any sort of extended relationship is a common concern. But lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon this article! Here are 5 ways to keep sex with your partner interesting! 

1. Leave the bedroom.


You know what we are talking about! Take the sex out of the bedroom. This could be as close as doing it on the kitchen counter, or as far as doing it out in the woods. Find somewhere other then your bed that you think will be hot and go for it. If you want to spice things up before you get to where you’re getting it on, try these vibrating panties to get your partner going before you’ve even arrived.

2. Have a good argument.

This may initially sound counter productive, but communication is always essential to keeping you and your partner’s sex life happy. Release all your frustrations and talk it out! Things aren’t always going to be just peachy in a relationship, and sometimes the best way to a good romp in the sheets (or somewhere else, see previous point!) is to communicate through some issues.

3. Foreplay, foreplay, and then some more foreplay.

Sometimes life can get busy and there is just less and less time for foreplay. It happens to the best of us. But foreplay can easily spice up any normal sexy time! Find some room in your schedule where you both have time to just foreplay it up and get to work.

4. Take your time.

This works perfectly with #3! Sometimes you just have to throw your responsibilities out the window and give you and your partner some time to really get it on. Try by sharing a bath together; you can check out our selection of sexy bath products for the perfect way to start off some slow sexy time!

5. Try new things!

Another easy way to spice up a sex life is to put something new into rotation. Do some research about different sex toys or sexual experiences and see what turns you on. Introduce it into the bedroom next time!

6. Surprise your partner!

A great way to have some great sex is by giving your partner a great surprise. You could cook them a nice dinner just because, or surprise them by greeting them with something sexy on. Check out our steamy dancewear to shock the pants off your partner!

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