Product Highlight: The Magic, Massaging Hitachi Wand

Product highlight: Hitachi Wand

Normally, the idea of a vibe with massaging capacities doesn’t occur to curious people vibrator shopping. Yet, how many people enjoy a massage as part of foreplay, right along with exotic candles and slow jams? Or, even during solo-sex, do you notice that you struggle with paying close attention to your body’s cues because of that stabbing pain in your shoulder?


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More Than A Blowjob; Blow His Mind

How to give a blow job he won’t forget

Giving a blowjob may seem pretty basic, but there are things you can do to take it from basic to mind-blowing. First of all, just before you get busy, tell him what you’re going to do to him. If you’re uncomfortable with dirty talk, practice by starting off mild. Tell him you can’t wait to get your mouth on him, and work your way up to telling him you’re going to suck his cock. Not only will he love it, this will ensure he will be hard and ready for you.

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