Product Highlight: The Magic, Massaging Hitachi Wand

Product highlight: Hitachi Wand

Normally, the idea of a vibe with massaging capacities doesn’t occur to curious people vibrator shopping. Yet, how many people enjoy a massage as part of foreplay, right along with exotic candles and slow jams? Or, even during solo-sex, do you notice that you struggle with paying close attention to your body’s cues because of that stabbing pain in your shoulder?


You might hate your office job with its impossible benchmarks and endless phone calls. When you get off work, you want nothing more to luxuriate in a bath, and then hit the sheets. For some of us, part of dealing with stress sends us to the bedroom for what Marvin Gaye deemed “‘sexual healing.'” However, our experiences can be limited by physical pain or discomfort.

For example, what if that tedious white-collar job leaves your shoulders clenched and achy? Corporate, cubicle, and creative jobs requiring a lot of computer work cause some physical ailments. Surely, you know that office work contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome, tight muscles, and migraines.

Luckily for people suffering from the aches and pains of the workplace, simply over-extending themselves in cleaning or sports, or stress, the Hitachi Magic Wand does more than massage your secret spots. Not only is it 9″ inches long, but the Hitachi Magic Wand has a 2.5″ oscillating head. The volume and large head on the wand can reach new nooks and crannies, including pulsating the privates, as well as providing more traditional functions like massaging that sore shoulder.

The Hitachi is flexible, high-powered, and has a variety of different settings and pulsings. Who knew vibrators could be so practical and sensual?!

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