Mastering Oral- 5 Tips That Will Drive Her Wild

Mastering oral- tips that will drive her wild

Looking to give your lady better oral? Look no further! These five great tips will set you on the course to giving her better orgasms in no time.


1. Variety

Switch up your style as you go! Surprises will delight her. You can alternate flicking her clit with some other activities to keep the tension going longer. Try running your tongue along her vulva, sticking your tongue inside her, using some light suction, or getting your fingers involved!

2. Dual Action

A tongue on her clit with a finger (or two) inside her is absolutely delightful. The simple act of giving her two different sensations is a really big turn on. It can make a huge difference!

3. Rhythm

Rhythm is the key to a strong orgasm! Many people have the tendency to speed up when she’s starts really responding to something. Remember, she’s reacting because she likes what you’re doing right now. For the love of god, don’t change it!

4. Pressure

Does she like it harder or softer? If it’s too hard it can feel painful. Too soft, and it will not be enough sensation for her to cum. Make sure you find out what she likes. And remember, it is okay to ask her. Once you find the right button, you’ll never forget!

5. Enjoy it!

Women can get in their own heads. If she worries that you are not enjoying what you are doing, she can’t be in the moment. You can show her that you’re loving it in the subtlest of ways. Whether it’s heavy breathing, soft moaning, or some dirty talk here and there, let her know you’re into it! She will be turned on because you are turned on.

Thirsty for more tips? Feel free to contact us for advice, toys, and more!



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